Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Good morning. It was a near 74° when we woke up. Oh oh ... That means a 90° day by 4 o'clock. Mark decided to get his work done first thing this morning. Me? Well there's always laundry ... and my Sunday show Fahreed Zakaria GPS. 


Ha! My Sunday show was interrupted by Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia. By Trump's standards, it was a good speech but stepped on a few toes by not knowing the various factions in the region. Tonight's news will be full of it. 

Sue and Wayne stayed a 2nd night in Wisconsin, relaxing and avoiding inclement weather. The RV casino looks nice! 

Ho Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells area. 

Maybe we'll stop there in the fall, weather depending. 

The Scotties and I had a great afternoon ride on The Caddy before it got too hot. I saw Pat and Ken arriving home from shopping and asked about his mom. Apparently she needs an orthopedic doctor to check her hip after a fall a few days ago. (Reminds me of mom's trouble with falls.) Martha (and Boston Terrier Zelda) are staying with them for awhile. 


Wayne reminded me of the Falcon Lake, Manitoba UFO incident from years ago. Here's the story. 



Cool eh? Well it's less than a month til we head north. We're looking forward to visiting and having fun. Jim G's lodge is on our "to do" list. 💕

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