Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday April 27, 3017

Good morning from our home to yours. Today we remember birthdays celebrated with Mom. She always had her 4 girls dressed in the current fashion down to the final detail. I recall hemlines taken up and let down before school began each September. New outfits were sewn for each of us to have a week's worth of new clothes before school started. Did we realize the effort Mom put forth daily? I know we didn't! There was no  convenience foods nor microwave ovens; 3 meals a day for a family of 7. OMG. Thank you Mom, and Happy Birthday. ❤️πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ’πŸŽ‚


Mark's back pain is status quo. He puttered about the house, bathed the doggies, did a few odds 'n sods then visited Lew for a beer. Meanwhile, Lynn and I went on the golf  cart to game day at Sharon's. Whoo hoo. Sharon had a lovely spread of snacks and drinks ... enough for a huge party. Four played Yahtzee ... four Rummikube and 4 played some new game. It was a nice time. 

After dinner, Mark and I took the dogs cruising on The Caddy and stopped to chat with Ken. We decided on a Mexican Dominoes night with Pat, Ken, Rose and Jim tomorrow night. 

Mark talked to Randy who's been feeling under the weather the past two days. It seems both he and Dawn had a bit of a flu bug. It's Leesburg bike fest weekend and they are both helping out Saturday at the Hideaway. Let's hope they're both feeling up to par. 

So that's it for today. Ta Ta. 

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