Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good morning from sunny Central Florida where it is 65° ... forecast for 80° by late afternoon. 

The cakes are iced and snacks ready for my game day girls. As I was organizing this morning, I saw a Randy park across the street and trudge up the road to Mike's with golf clubs slung over his shoulder. Apparently, bronchitis is not holding him back from this gorgeous golf day. 👍🏻 


While I was hosting game day, Mark stopped in at a few golf cart places looking for a used rear seat. He got some good information from the sales people and we have a connection if we need help with repairs one day. 

There were 12 of us for game day and we had a good time. Six of us played Mexican train dominoes ... 6 played Yahtzee. It was really a fun time with plenty of laughs. We missed Nancy, Sharon, Dawn today! 


Tonight, Mark puttered about on the golf cart while the doggies and I "supervised" from the porch. Now it's after 8 and we're settling in for the evening. 

Ta Ta. 

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  1. I wish we lived there . You guys are so busy having fun. It's nice to see.