Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017

Good (early) morning! Sue and Wayne were on the road home bound by 915, the crack of dawn for the K's. 😎 We had a good visit with them but of course wish they could have stayed another day or two. Our next visit will be in Canada! 

I was thinking to myself what a lazy week we have in store for ourselves. Then, I remembered that we are going RVing this weekend to Cedar Key on the West Coast of Florida. Hmm, well, there's packing to be done and the RV pulled out of the port Wednesday or Thursday. No problemo! 

Then I remembered our Harbor Shores luncheon at Eaton Beach on Wednesday. And, Mark just reminded me that I had rounded up a few couples for date night on Thursday at the old Sandbar. Egad. It's another busy week! 😅 

I worked on some eBay items while Mark worked on our "not so old" lawn mower. Both ongoing projects apparently. I took BeeZee for a ride on The Caddy which she liked ... more room on the seat! 😅. I came back and took Robbie for his ride. He wasn't sure about sitting on the seat as usually he sits on the floor but he did well. 💕🐾

Haha. Diane has some great signs at the fish camp's bait house. This might be the next one she paints! 

Randy phoned to chat as Dawn and Jan had gone shopping. I was hoping to rouse interest in an IchiBan night, but Mark and Randy vetoed it. Randy is driving Jan to the airport early tomorrow and then going golfing, so he needed his rest. No problem. Mark made a batch of meatballs and vodka sauce for our dinner. 👍🏻 

Now it's time to watch Dancing with the Stars and chill.  

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