Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Good morning! The Scotties and I sat on the front porch at 6:30 and enjoyed the various bird songs and sunrise. It's a lovely cool start for our Sunday with 88 forecast later on. 

Bonnie and Roger were busy yesterday with a dog show in Oklahoma. 
Bonnie and Cabby ... (you look awesome in red!)
Roger was handling sweet Ella ... 
Haha ... that's Roger and Ella. (Ella has Scottie spirit!) WHA-WA-WAAAA. 😂

Mark completed the long run of boards this morning! Great job! 👍🏻

I worked on listing some stuff that's been hanging around on eBay. And, I had 2 sales! Yay. 

Funny story! Our new toy has a few quirks. One is leaping into gear after (you think) it's not going to move. Well, Mark decided a simple task would be wiring the lights, which he got working! Yay! 

BUT, based on the next picture, the project on Mark's TO DO LIST is sorting out this gear leaping! Bwahaha. 

OMG. 🙄

Okay, are you ready for a laugh? Here's a picture of Wayne in Venice last week posing with his Gondoliere pal. (Apparently they shopped at the same place.) 😜

Then, Sue and Wayne, back home in Florida, went to Carol and Jack's 50th anniversary party yesterday.
Their friend Jerry must have taken the same tour in Italy and bought the same shirt. That's pretty funny for a Frenchman and a Ukrainian. 😂

Before dinner, we took the leaping lizard for a drive with the doggies around a different 'hood at the front of our park. Nice. It was so lovely and breezy! So, that's it for today.  Ta Ta. 

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