Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It was 66°F when I opened the front door today. The Scotties enjoyed watching two squirrels arguing over our birdfeeder. It's a good thing they don't bark (unless stranger danger) as Mark was sleeping in. (It's 920 and we haven't seen him yet!) 💤 

❤️ the various greens of our springtime trees! (This picture was taken through the windshield while Mark was fueling up the Kia.) Trout Lake. 

And in keeping with strange photo locations, here's one that Lew took from the airplane as he flew over our neighborhood last weekend! 

If I'd known ... I'd have been outside waving! 😎 

Did you find our little slice of paradise? The golf cart is a give away. Haha. 

So Mark was determined to put the RV away properly and hung the front shade. His back's still dicey BUT the exrays came back hunky-dory! 👍🏻✅. 

I took the kids for a Caddy ride at 4:30 ... then we both went at 7:30 ... whoo-hooo, what fun! 

That's it. Life is Good! (Where are you Rick Moir?)

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