Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Egad! It's nearly 8 PM and I'm just beginning the blog. Yes, it was a beautiful start to our day. Mark began early with his dock project! 
About 230, Lew arrived to help Mark with the decking. Mark appreciated the help which put him behind at least an hour. LOL. Next thing you know, it was happy hour and Lynn joined us too! 🍻😜. Although Lew doesn't know anything about it, she's been cooking for his surprise party Saturday night. Apparently, it's not really easy as he keeps popping in and out of her kitchen. 😂

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating BZ's fourth birthday with a boat ride to Palm Gardens for lunch. Yay ... chicken and french fries! Then, tomorrow night, Mark and I are going to sue Wayne's for steak barbecue at their Prevost. We will bring the salad! 

I worked on making some eBay items today ... here's the seashell wreaths ... 

So, that was our day. Rather abbreviated but hey, at least I am writing; right Rick? 👍🏻❤

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