Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Twosday April 18 2017

Yep. It's nearly noon and I am just starting today's "blab!" So Mark's seawall project is complete, but as in all worthy projects, it created another job. I suppose we had some critters living in the holes of the former seawall. Now, they have had to relocate and chosen our wood pile along side the boathouse! We weren't sure what they were, until one scurried past Mark two days ago. It was a freaking fat rat! Now I understand why the huge hawk is hanging about our yard. It's become the IchiBan of the raptor world. 😳 Mz BeeZee has been trying to tell me something's up in her yard. Every night lately, she wait to hear me roll over in bed and then wants to go out. That tends to be about 3 o'clock in the morning! Well, the stars are beautiful at that hour. 🙄 So, Mark has gone to the home depot for rat traps. 😧

With all the world attention on North Korea and cuckoo president Kim Jong Un, and, yes, our cuckoo president Donald Trump, no one is sleeping very well. Except for Mark, nothing wakes him. 😜
After I take BeeZee out rat hunting around three in the morning I turn on CNN to see who's bombed who overnight. Egad; it's the Cuban missile crisis all over again! Ha ha, not for nothing, but school kids were taught to hide under their desk for protection. You might as well just practice yoga so that you could kiss your own arse goodbye. 😂

Well, today's blog certainly took a turn for the worst. Let me liven it up with details of my early-morning encounter. As you all know, if you are an avid reader of this nonsense, I watch Ancient Aliens, NASA and any science-based space programming. (For some reason, I have never been into sci-fi.) Anyway, I digress. What woke me with a big smile on my face this morning was the sight of two fabulous flying saucers coming over the beach where Mark and I were sitting. (Now you know this is a dream as Mark and I never sit in the sun.)  I'm not afraid of UFOs but am of the sun's rays. I knew the aliens were coming to help us crazy earthlings with our NUKE problem. Quite  alarming was what came next. Two massive oceanliners were caught in the vortex and floating behind the saucers and passed overhead. They were so low in the sky that I could see their bootline waterline's clearly and peoples' frightened faces at the windows. Damn. Remind me not to have another "Betty Ford" night anytime soon. LOL (Diane will say I had the DT's!) 🤣

Here's our Island 🌴Girl Belize ...

enjoying sunning herself in Florida's springtime sunshine. Queen Bee sure loves her patio! (Robbie is under the bar hunting lizzies.) 

In the stroller below is Belize's brother (and Robbie's half-brother) Zippy aka Miles on his 4th birthday! 
 It looks like he's sharing a ride with a cat! Haha. Cute! (We have a stroller too.) We've just connected with his mom on FB!

It's now 10 to 2 and we're watching for Randy to pop in after golfing with the neighborhood guys. So, BeeZee, Robbie and I are sitting on the front porch "watching." Mark is busy putting a FSBO sign on the K's double-lot at the end of our street. It's a nice lot that fronts on 2 canals just off Lake Eustis. 

Randy said he had a very good golf day and was ready for ... 
A cold beer and Advil. 👍🏻 Mark asked Randy why he doesn't get some light colored clothing for golfing. Randy's answer was "because if I wore white, you'd see all the dirt from being in the bushes chasing the damn ball."  ðŸŒ 🌴 

Somehow, it's now 520 and time to feed the kids before we take them for their evening Caddy ride. Life is good. Carry on. Ta Ta. 

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