Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hey hey hey it's been a grand day. Fortunately, it was cooler than yesterday. Today's high was 91 with low humidity and a breeze. Whew. 

Lynn texted for an impromptu 2 o'clock pool 💦 party. Rose, Jim, Pat, Ken, Mark and I joined Lynn and Lew with snacks in hand. Within a half hour it was a regular PARTAY. 💦🥂🍾

Lynn, Rose, Pat and me ... tons of fun! 🌴

Poor Lew hit his head on the edge of a wall clock before we arrived. (He was setting a lamp timer and stood up quickly.) Ouch. 
It looked pretty sore!  🤕 (I thought he needed stitches.)

Everyone wanted to plan a January group cruise ... we'll see; first we have an RV summer to enjoy. 

Lynn had too much fun! She didn't want anyone to go home! 

When we came home I took the kids for a Caddy ride after their supper. Mark installed a volt meter this morning and we're just starting to watch the reading to know how far we can drive before another charge. 

Randy and Dawn had dinner at Stavros then stopped in for a visit. They'd had a busy time at the Hideaway yesterday and were taking it easy today. We had a good visit ... Dawn's back to work tomorrow. 

Sue and Wayne went to a crayfish party on Las Olas today ... a lovely big home. I bet it was fabulous. (They had the oppressive heat we suffered yesterday.)
Nice home! 👍🏻  Pretty landscaping. 

So that was our day! Hope yours was fun too. 😎

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