Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

Good morning from sunny and cool(ish) Central Florida 😎

Our neighbor Bill's house was just listed for sale. We sure hope to get wonderful neighbors who will fit in well with the 'hood ... perhaps R 'n R? 

I've had an aching hand for a couple weeks so relaxed today with Light Relief, the Jacuzzi and wine (well at 5:30!) 

Meanwhile, Mark decided to work on the golf cart looking for reasons why it has such a jerky start. While checking connections, he found a battery with a loose post that had been crimped into place at some point in its history. So, he disconnected things and went for a new battery. No good deed goes unpunished! I guess he should've left the rust and dirt where it was. Ha ha 

The Scotties and I were ready for a GC ride when the ding dang dong thing wouldn't start. Marky checked voltage and "stuff" ... cussed a little and tore it all apart. No, I'm not worried ... he built elevators so this "should" be a piece of cake. 

Robbie can't understand WHY we're not buzzing around on the cart. Whaa waaa. 😧

I tried to help by signing onto JustAnswers and talked to Curtis, an electric cart tech. He had great suggestions but we got stuck on the "Tow/Run" switch because IT DOESN'T HAVE ONE! What now? So, by 830 we gave up as it was dark and the mosquitoes were starting to come out. Hopefully, we'll have more luck after we sleep on it tonight. 

Guess that's it for tonight. 😴

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