Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Good morning. It's a beautiful 65°F and the door is wide open. Mark was up early enjoying the birds while I slept until 730. Wowser. That's a switch, eh?

There wasn't much time to dillydally after breakfast as I was a driver for our ladies luncheon group to Eaton's Beach in Weirsdale, about half an hour away. Today I picked up Florence and Cheri. They were pretty chatty on the way there, but nary a word on the way home. They must've eaten too much lunch. LOL. I had a jazz burger with coleslaw and fries. It was a little bit weird with peanut butter added to it. But hey, I wanted to try something different. 


When I came home, Mark was working on clearing brush at the end of the street along the canal on K's lot.
The canal and lake are somewhere back there! Much clearing to be done, a little at a time. Da Mounty and The Caddy will come in handy here! The Scotties and I delivered water then went cruising a few streets for fun. (Both dogs sit nicely on the cart!)

After watching a season 13 "Deadliest Catch" we wondered where the Cornelia Marie was? Why didn't it make the cut for this season? Anyway, interesting to note that the crab fishery is feeling the effects of climate change. You wouldn't think the crab would know much different when they were at the bottom of the ocean. But, apparently they do. Now they have to finish for the road in deeper water. Who knew?

Well we pulled the RV out of it port and tomorrow is pack-up day so we'll be ready to leave early Friday morning for Cedar Key. It's going to be a hot weekend with a high of 91 both Saturday and Sunday. It'll be a nice time to be on the Gulf of Mexico! 

OK. That's it for tonight. Tomorrow, we're picking up Pat and Nancy and going to Kahlúa's, formerly the sandbar for supper. Rose and Jim might be able to meet us there. Same goes with Randy and Dawn. Either way, it'll be a PARTAY! (Ken is on a road trip with his friend Tom, also from our neighborhood, to Key West.) Ta Ta. 

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