Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Good evening. Somehow it's 530 and I didn't start the blog. Who do I think I am? Rick Moir? 🤣

There was no front door open this morning as it was 75 when we woke up at 9ish. We had no plans for the afternoon and just puttered about the house. Mark did a little grocery shopping for tonight's Mexican dominoes fun while I prepped the house. It's the hottest day so far this year at 94F. Drat ... there goes the electric bill. 😱

I phoned Randy and Dawn today to see how they are feeling. Fortunately, much better! I invited them to join us for dominoes but know that they are going to the Leesburg bike fest and to downtown Eustis to check out the memorial wall. 

Selfie stick pic ... lots of fun and shenanigans 🍀! Rose was the big winner at 97! Ken was a close 2nd at 121. 👍🏻  (Do you see Robbie sitting at the end of the table?) Bee was sitting next to me but gave up her seat just before the picture. 

Great news! Bonnie and Roger closed on the Tulsa house and have moved into their new Claremore property! 🥂🍾 Congratulations!

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  1. Enough of the shots. I'm doing one right now.