Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good morning. There's much to do to get ready to go ... especially since we decided on happy hour yesterday rather than doing stuff. LOL

Wine:30 ... and a cigar!
Catching a breeze! Actually, there's probably a lizard in there. 

Isn't it funny how life goes. As soon as we decide on a weekend with the RV, eBay sales start popping. Mark's just gone to the post office for the second time today! 

Tonight we picked up Nancy, Pat and Ken then met Rose and Jim followed by Dawn and Randy at Kahlua's. 

We had lots of FUN! Dinner was good ... small (normal) sized ... with a singer and a beautiful breeze off Lake Dora. What a great evening. 

We were home just after 8 o'clock, hooked up the drop of the RV and prepped ready to go! 

Ta Ta. 

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