Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Good afternoon from steamy Central Florida where we may break a temperature record today. Ho ho ho. It's way too hot too early. Ha ha. I just read that back and wondered why I said ho ho ho. I'm imagining that's just because I finished a table decoration for our Christmas table and tucked it away. Ha ha ha. There should be no July nightmares about not being prepared for Christmas this year. If you are a blog reader, you will know that starting in July I have the unprepared for Christmas nightmares. 

I baked a couple of cakes today, one for Yaya's and one for the Ga-Guys ... Mark, Randy, Lew, Jim and Ken we will be enjoying homemade venison chili tomorrow with my triple-chocolate layer cake for dessert. 

Mark kept busy this afternoon putting some extra stringers on to the dock project. Since he is going to be using Trex "plastic" wood, it needed extra support. By next week we should have the deck on and finished. Apparently that is something I can help with.
The above picture is a huge soft shell turtle that came right up to Mark while he was working on the dock. Someone must be feeding him. Mark said he is about 2 feet across! A biggie!

This morning, I was playing a round of solitaire while Robbie and BeeZee were looking out the back window. A giant hawk flew right to the door, picked up something and flew off with a bellow of Scottish warcry from Robbie. After that, I could hear the flock of Ibis in our neighbor's backyard chortling between them. I stuck my head out the door to listen to them when the bloody hawk came swooping back right to our door and I stepped out and yelled at him. Ha. What a zoo I have going on here.

I let Mz BZ outside right after the hawk flew off and a moment later checked on her.
It must have been a frustration hole-digging effort brought on by the hawk. Haha. She's only dug once before; the first day we brought her home. "Who did that?" Hmmm ... Robbie was on the shelf under the bar. 

So, I've been wondering about our friend Rick Moir. He started me doing this daily journal blog and yet he seems to have stopped. He is either too busy or missing Florida and lost his inspiration. 🤗

Our pals Rod and Shay spent a couple of days looking around the Sebastian area of Florida. Shay mentioned how poorly the houses showed. Unfortunately, that is a problem all realtors have to deal with. It is truly a pleasure to show a home that is in good condition and kept clean and tidy. Apparently, in their price range, they didn't run into that. Of course we are still hoping they will buy in our area but understand that Sebastian Florida would be just two hours away from their grandson. 

Tonight, we are meeting RanDawn at the old Sinbad's on Lake Eustis for date night dinner. It was sold, and renovations have been going on for about a month. We are going to check it out and see if we like it. Hope so! 

Sue and Wayne are going out a little fancier than us tonight. They are going to the Coral Ridge Yacht Club for dinner and dancing. 💰💰💰 (I sure miss the years of going to our old Royal Manitoba Yacht Club in Winnipeg. Back in the day we had Wednesday night socials with a dinner and a band for dancing.) It was always a blast. Ah, the good ole days. That reminded me of what I used to say to my dad, "Daddy, tell me about the olden days!" 😍

Well, we met Randy and Dawn at KAT'S. Although they are still getting in the swing of their new business, dinner was very good and service was pretty good. Next time, we will go by boat. Back home, we took the dogs for a ride on the golf cart and then sat on the front porch and enjoy the cool breezes with a nightcap. 
Randy upon hearing the cost of Dawn's mani-pedi. 😂 

So that's it for tonight. I hope you all had a great Wednesday date night! ❤
Schweet sunset. 

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