Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What a day! The front door's been open since 6 o'clock when the doggies and I sat on the porch listening to the birds. Lovely. (Rocky's still missing. Hopefully just because it's nesting season.)

Keeping with our nature theme ...
Mark took this awesome turtle picture yesterday afternoon ... ❤ Lake Eustis' water is so clean now compared to 17 years ago when we bought this old cottage. 

Well it was a busy day ... I had bills and paperwork; still straightening out a problem with Dr S Young's office when they ordered my blood work through Quest. "Someone" wrote routine instead of medically necessary and my insurance refuses to pay! It's apparently a simple fix ... but I've been waiting for LaToya's return call for a month. Tomorrow, I'll make a personal visit. 🤡 

Mark worked on his dock project and also went for MORE wood. 💰💰💰 Yikes! This is easily a $2K project. Lew came over to help unload the planks ... and then enjoyed our front porch with a couple beer. Great neighbor! Saturday is Lew's 70th birthday! 

Yay me! This is the wreath I sold on eBay today ... $30 plus $15 shipping;

so started creating another seashore themed one. (I like making them as it turns out.) 😁

After dinner we took the kids for a fun ride on the GC. I asked Mark if he'd like to name it but he wasn't in any mood for that after fixing a tire on it today. So, I've named it ... "The Caddie." 🤣 

Tomorrow, Sue and Wayne will be visiting Georgia Boys Fish Camp while their rig is in Jacksonville for service. Fun. 

It's wine:30 now; Ta Ta. 🍷

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