Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

We were up and on the road by 805 this morning, almost on schedule. The highways were good although mostly 2-lane. The town of Dunellen looked really neat and worth investigating some time. We arrived at Cedar Key about 1045 and were assigned to site 57, likely the toughest one to get into. Ha ha. This place is rustic but with good power. 👍🏻

After a bite of lunch Mark and I drove to the town of Cedar Key. It's cool ... pretty small ... but definitely worthy of a seafood lunch tomorrow! 

But tonight, there's a potluck get together at the Clubhouse. 

Mark was advertising Georgia Boys Fishcamp tonight! We sat with Pete and Lorette who we've met a few times! They were the only folks we knew at this camp out ... some familiar faces around although. Dinner was very good ... tons of variety! We sat outside at picnic tables with a nice view of the Gulf until no-see-ums arrived at sundown. Everyone scattered!

Mark spys a birdhouse DENT on our neighbor's side mirror! 😂 Mark and I were sitting at our table having lunch when we heard a thump and crash as a "neighbor" roared in next to us. He'd hit a bird house hanging in a tree which knocked his mirror off his coach. All the while "the wife" was sitting with her feet on the dashboard. 😁
Lucky, there was no bird living in it at the time. It was pretty funny to see Mark snooping around taking pictures. Ha ha.
Here's our neighbor's mirror. 🤣

Well that's it for tonight. Tata till tomorrow. 

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