Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Good morning. Where is Mr. Sunshine? Yesterday was 84, today's forecast to be a high of 75 with possible rain showers. Nevermind, we were up early and off to the flea market for fruits and vegetables. Great bargains! 

It's garage sale day in our neighborhood. Mark and I have been donating items and selling a few things online, so we are not participating this year. (Mark absolutely hates doing garage sales.) We stopped by Rose's to donate a lamp with proceeds to our community fund and to buy baked goods. (No, we're not snacking on cakes and cookies ... they're for YaYa's next week! 😇 

We see Bonnie, Roger and doggies are off on a weekend getaway. Mr. Percy was not taking any chances of being left behind. ❤

I suspect it's the Heart of America show ... and I bet there'll be a ribbon or two coming home with Cabby, Ella or Chief! Good luck. 🍀 

At home, starting the Blog with Bee and Robs! 

"Ain't nothin' but a Scottie dog" 🎶 
Sorry Elvis. 😜 

Mark's tomatoes!
When Rod and Shay were here last weekend, there were flowers ... now tomatoes! WOWSA! When Roddy saw this pic today he texted Mark ... "I call BULLSHIT." 😂

Rain arrived at 3:30 after all today's sales were closed up. It was a perfect shower; straight down and heavy. The redneck yacht club boat will need a bailing out! (That's Mark and Randy's work boat!) 

I was working on a necklace set for STR's fundraiser when I ran out of beading wire. Since Mark was going for wood (seawall) I rode along and stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics. However, I couldn't get back into the project. Maybe tomorrow. 

Well, it's 4 o'clock and wine:30. Actually, Mark had a bloody Mary this afternoon! He was eyeing the cigars at the flea market today but when I saw they were five dollars apiece, I said he was being rather highfalutin for a retired guy! Wha-waaa. 😳 

Sue and Wayne have had a busy day in Pompano ... Sue at the dog groomer and Wayne at a doctor follow up. (All's well.) 

Randy spent his day planting (more) flowers and landscaping while Dawn was at work. We're planning to meet them for dinner out tomorrow. 

That's it for tonight. The Scotties have their rawhides and we're into watching Bluebloods. Ta Ta. 😘

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