Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good morning sunshine! 🌞 What's up? 
Hahaha. How's that for an eye opener? 

Mark and I puttered about with odds 'n sods. Our next-door neighbor is backing an RV beside his house today, so Mark had to trim our bougainvillea. I hope Rocky doesn't mind! It was encroaching on their property, and apparently they just had new canvas installed on it. No problem. Done. 

I got everything set up for YaYa's tomorrow night and tidied up as I went along. Sweet. Done. 

Now, it's 4 o'clock and happy hour. Pat and Ken are picking us up at 5 for our Whale's Tail night out. Randy and Dawn are meeting us there. Fun!

Well, we're home from a delicious, family-owned dining experience. It was good! We all said we'd do it again! Randy and Dawn headed home so they can meet us at 9 o'clock at the fleamarket. Pat and Ken came in for a nightcap before heading home for Sadie and Zelda. 

Sue and Wayne went to Rips for dinner and dancing tonight. (That must mean that Wayne is feeling somewhat better today!)

That's it. It was a good day. Tata. 

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