Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good morning sunshine! We're counting on YOU to warm us up. It's windy and 54 ... Randy's first time golfing with our neighborhood guys. (What a giggle last night. Ken reminded Randy jeans aren't allowed on the golf course ... and a collared shirt is mandatory.) Well, Randy doesn't own any pants other than jeans so he's in shorts this morning! Brrr ... I suggested taking a jacket to throw over his legs in the golf cart but Dawn said he wouldn't do that, and laughed. Randy agreed ... so I guess he's going to look COOL and be cold. 😜  We hope he has a good time! (Meanwhile, Mark is fast asleep at 8:30.) I have Mz BeeZee on my lap snuggling, so no complaints here. 

What's up today? Mark's working on the seawall project and I'm going to game day at Carol C's with Lynn and Pat. (Tomorrow we'll pull our RV out and load up for 3 nights away.) 

Too bad I didn't get the first picture where Mark tried the "karate kid" move! It was hilarious. 

Well I had a busy morning baking our low carb cookies. Now I'm making lunch and getting ready for 1 o'clock game day.  (I briefly saw Randy after he had arrived back from golfing. He was cold!) 

At Carol's we played Phase 10, just 6 of us attending GD today. It was fun, but I'd toss the "Skip" cards myself. It's a slowly progressing game as it is and those cards make it tedious! Just sayin' ...

I phoned Sue but spoke with Wayne and Les. Les said he'd had a terrible flight; two hours late leaving Winnipeg for starters. Then, Les said his computer got a virus and needed work so he could open his emails. He hadn't even been outside yet. 

Tonight, we're going to RELAX and catch up on TV. So, that's it for today. 

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