Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good afternoon! Mark and I have been rushing about putting the finishing touches on our party setup. Strings of lights are hung, Tiki torches filled, cakes decorated and floors mopped. Whew!

Meanwhile, Sue and Wayne are in Santorini today. It looks gorgeous! What a great cruise itinerary it's been. That's one I'd love to go on ... just waiting on the lotto. 😂
Fancy-schmancy coffee on the rear deck overlooking Santorini. Gorgeous! What a fab 70th birthday cruise for Wayne; and great weather to boot. 🎂🥂🍾

Randy and Dawn had a late start with Bob and Virginia. They went to Mary's for breakfast and then on to the boat show by 130. The weather is perfect, although mostly cloudy. 👍🏻

Our progressive dinner was a hit! Appetizers at Lew and Lynn's house were fantastic, especially the stuffed mushrooms! 
Eventually there were 48 attending. 

Anita, me, Corrine, Rose & Meridyth at Lynn & Lew's. 

Our salad course was at Elaine and Roger's. (Two houses handled the salad courses.) 
Perfect weather! Lynn, Linda and bunny Elaine in the background. 

Our dinner course was as at Deena & Eddie's ... roast turkey, spiral ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing!
Rick, Mark, me, Elaine, Roger and Christina. 

At 7:30, everyone headed over to our place for dessert, drinks and music. 
I think we all had a fun time! 

Tata till tomorrow! 

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