Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

We're a bit sluggish this morning after a late night with Pat and Ken. Phase 10 was a little like Crazy Rummy which I played years ago. Pat was the big winner!

The Scotties happily laid on our bed and watched a History Channel show with us about the Dare stones. Robbie dominated the end of the bed while little BeeZee sprawled across the middle. Cute! 

Speaking of winners (and Scotties) Bonnie's kids did very well in the Heart of America dog show. 
Cabby (Bee's brother) and Chief  (14 months) won in their divisions. The middle ribbon is also Chief's ... Congratulations to Bonnie and to Roger, good Scottie parents. ❤

Since it's too windy for boating today, Mark has decided to work on his seawall project. That means, later in the week, we will go boating. I have projects at hand, and eBay listings. 
One side done! Well, there's some fine tuning left, but it looks pretty good. 👍🏻 (Now for the other side of the boathouse slip.) 

RanDawn came for a visit on the bike. It must have been a chilly ride with "the north wind" gusting, but they loved it. 
Mz BeeZee loved uncle Randy snuggles ... and reached over to give Dawn a lick. Haha. Surprise! Oh yeah, speaking of surprises, I offered drinks and Dawn thought a beer sounded good. I came back from the Sunroom fridge with 3 blue beer cans, opened one and took it to Dawn. She looked very surprised ... I'd given her a PEPSI instead of a beer. We all laughed ... Randy said I'd cut her off before she'd even begun. (Mark sacrificed and made himself a rum and Pepsi, so Dawn got her beer after all.) 🍻 They left for the Hideaway at 3:30 with plans of an early night. 

Mark made a big pot of chicken vegetable soup for our dinner! Nice. We relaxed tonight, too tired to do anything much. Ta Ta. 

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