Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Good afternoon! We had a lazy morning but packed up and left the campground at 11:15. 

Mark took this pic of a large woodpecker outside our RV door. He's a big one!

We arrived home at 2 o'clock after an easy drive home.
Lew was waiting for us, ready for a visit (on our front porch.) 😂  We unloaded, put things away and poured wine as Lynn joined us at 4:15. We got caught up on the weekend news ... Rose & Jim's 50th Anniversary party ... a stranger on a bicycle in our 'hood ... a lunch party for Nancy's 70th tomorrow ... prep for the Progressive Dinner next weekend ... and plans for Lew's 70th next month. Yikes! 

Now parked, the Scotties had baths, I did laundry and Mark put the RV port back in order. Done. 

Now it's TV:30 with the doggies. 👍🏻

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