Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Good morning! BeeZee and I are the first out of bed to enjoy the birdsong and sunrise 🌅. Plans today include a ride to town and fueling up our Dodge for tomorrow's drive. 

Vickie and George were contestants in the Match game. Vickie won ... a restaurant certificate and George a Visa gift card. It was pretty funny. 

The "Celebrity" panel ... lots of laughs! (Wished I'd signed up but wasn't sure WHAT "Match" was all about. Haha. 

This afternoon we walked along the Suwannee ... humidity is 16% and air temp 74F. Nice!


After dinner George and Karen came over for a visit. We might not see them until the big rally in November but plan to call them when we're in New Smyrna Beach next month. (They live at The Great Outdoors in Titusville.)

It's now 9 o'clock and we're just relaxing with a nightcap. We're going to make it an early one. It's been a good weekend. 

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