Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

Good morning. The Scotties and I were surprised to find 51°F when we stepped outside at 6 o'clock. What a difference a day makes. There wasn't much traffic for our garage sale today. It seems, in this area, Thursday is THE day. 

Mark worked on another 10' of the seawall project. It was a perfect day, nice and cool. A strange, concrete footer, created a problem with today's seawall area. There's always something! 

I worked on a necklace for a Shih Tzu rescue benefit in April that Sue requested. 

At 4:30, Randy and Dawn arrive for happy hour. We had a lot of laughs and sent a picture to Roddy. 

Randy sported Panama Jack shades ... left behind by Mr B earlier this week. Haha. Lookin' good R-man. 

We went to Crazy Gators for dinner. It was extra-busy with "First Friday" in Eustis. Unfortunately, service was so slow we never got a chance to walk around downtown. Dinner was good, mind you! And, we had lots of fun. On the way to our car, I had a huge cramp in the back of my leg. It was so awful that Mark went to get the car ... I just couldn't move ... my hands were squeezing my left thigh as tightly as I could. Yikes. It was bloody awful. 🙁

At home, with Beez on my lap, I picked up my phone and knocked over a full glass of ice water. Grrr ... what's next? Hahha. I think it's bedtime! 

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