Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Well, in Central Florida, March was pretty much even keeled the whole way through. The last two days of this month have been warmer than usual, but, no complaints overall. Yesterday, Les and Lynn flew home to Winnipeg but were delayed going through Toronto because of a snowstorm. Perhaps many other areas would not claim such a nice March. Ha ha. 

While I am doing laundry and vacuuming, Mark is working on the seawall project. Good heavens; I hope it is finished soon. This project has been going on for 10 months. Of course not 10 months in a row! It was one of those jobs that was a necessary evil but not a fun project. Nevertheless it looks great. 

Next week we'll pick up the last 5 boards! At least the facing will be done. Mark has a deck planned on the raised portion with "plastic" wood. (Apparently we have started something as our next-door neighbor is now working on his seawall. Yay. I do wish he would work on his lawn sprinkler system.) 

Randy and Dawn left at 5:30 this morning for Chicago to see the Blackhawks game. You see, it's Randy's brother Kerry's 60th birthday and they are going to surprise him! Kerry's wife bought him tickets to see the Blackhawks for his birthday; so that is why they will be in Chicago. What fun! I'm betting there will be a hangover over the weekend. 🤢

Dawn sent a picture from their 23rd floor window of the hotel. Unfortunately, they are the only ones in Chicago for the weekend! Poor Kerry was refused at Customs for a 1979 "possession" charge of 2 joints. 🙄. Since he and his wife traveled to the US many times in recent years, they can only guess the crackdown is Trump's ramping-up of immigration laws. Too bad ... Kerry was deemed a BAD OMBRÉ! That sucks. So, like I said, Randy and Dawn are enjoying Chicago and the Blackhawks game all by themselves this weekend. 

Robbie seems to be feeling quite a bit better so I'm guessing that the shot the vet gave him has calmed down his skin's itchiness. Thank heavens! It was awful for the little guy. 

Well, I had a Walmart experience today. First, I had to go to my dermatologist's office to pick up a repeat prescription. They wouldn't fax it to Walmart because they said Walmart would goof up the price. My  doctors office said the prescription would be $68.40. Well, I dropped the prescription off after standing 10 minutes in the wrong line, and being redirected to another line 10 feet away. The horrid B-itch at the drop off line took the paperwork and gave me back the coupon. She said "you don't need that it's already on your file. It'll be ready in an hour." RIGHT. 😡 well, an hour later I stopped by to pick up my prescription. The clerk said that will be $136.78. So, I refused to pick up the prescription and left in a huff. As I was driving home, annoyed, I phoned the dermatologist's office to verify the price. First, I got cut off. When I called back, the dermatologist's office was very apologetic and got onto my problem right away. She verified the price was $68.40 advertised at Walmart for my prescription. She also said I needed to give the clerk the coupon, not just the "Good RX" card. Well, I decided to phone Walmart's pharmacy and was lucky enough to get the pharmacist. He listened to my story, and acknowledged that there was a cranky person on the drop off-line. He quickly rectified everything and put my prescription in again for $68.40. AWESOME! Someone did their job! Now of course I have to go back to Walmart to pick up the prescription. Well, I'm not going today as it's end of the month and welfare check day. Oh no!!! Mark and I have learned that lesson. The lines will be out the door. Ha ha. Monday will be soon enough for my prescription. 

My cousin Miles in Oz is up to shenanigans again ... he's so clever. 

I had to ask "What's up?" Here's Mel's reply ... 

BRILLIANT! 😜 Love Miles' idea. 

Well, that's it for today. It's wine:30 🍷 Cheers!

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