Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Good morning! Yes, it's a front door open kind of start to our day here in Central Florida. (A bit cool at 61F ... 81F forecast by late day.) 😎

Hugh and Elaine Tawns shared good news of Granddaughter Penelope born this month! (Fantastic head of hair!) 
Congratulations and welcome little Penelope Tawns. ❤

It seems Hugh and Elaine have their hands full when it comes to little ones at Christmas and birthdays. 😍 (Lucky, lucky!)

Charlotte, Georgia, Penelope and Roman Tawns ... all so adorable! ❤

On the home front, Randy and Dawn came on the bike for a visit after she finished work at 5. They are following along tomorrow to the fishcamp to visit with Diane & Kris while we get the golf cart. (Our friend Ken says Harbor Shores is becoming The Villages South.) 😂 

It's now 8:20 pm ... where did the day go? Mark readied our truck for picking up the golf cart by removing the toolbox and hitch. While Randy was here they put the regular tailgate on. Sweet. 

Sue and Wayne will be getting onboard soon for their flight home from the Mediterranean. Safe travels!

That's it for us; early to bed tonight, for a change. 😜

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