Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. It's an absolutely gorgeous start to our day, so the front door is open! We love hearing chirping birds, and then of course, there's Rocky tap-tap-tapping at the window. 😁

Mark and Lew are going to Lowe's, Mark for more wood; Lew as his possee. Oh boy. There's trouble. 🙄

Me? I'm going to Mid-Florida Lakes sales office with questions. When we had Rod and Shay on the boat with us a week ago, a resident told us that her property was land owned. Online, it appears to be rental property. Confusing? Yes. So, it's off to the sales office for clarification. 

(The sales office recommended I call their 1 agent, which I did. Said agent promptly returned my call and answered my questions, sort of.)  I was certain there were more properties available because we'd seen "For Sale" signs from the boat. I looked up Sun Belt listings and got MORE info than the on site agent shared. 👎🏻

Are you a napper?
Thanks to Mark, I can now nap 60-90 minutes. Haha. Here's some 'sound' info on the science of 💤. 

It was primarily a retail therapy day ... Lowes, Pet Supermarket, Hobby Lobby and Winn Dixie. 💰💰

Tonight, we had a fab T-bone steak dinner with salad and mushrooms. At 8 o'clock we were still sipping wine. Nice. 

So, that was our day. Lots of bits 'n pieces. 

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