Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Good morning! It was quite the cold start to our day here on the Suwannee's banks. Once the sun rose it warmed quickly. (Mark was bundled up for the 8:30 doggie walk!) Robbie was still snuggled in his bed and had to be called a few times before he got up. Haha. 

This campground is so very quiet! The array of bird chirps is different from home, just 115 miles away. It sure is nice to be living in the Grand Junction, albeit just 3 nights, once again. It's definitely home away from home! (Every time I think we should "upgrade" I find just how well built this Thor coach is.) Nice and solid. Egads, we've towed it across the USA several times and clear across Canada too. Minor repairs here and there except for the axle issue in 2015 (user error!) 


This afternoon I'm going to an Easter wreath crafting at the pavilion, compliments of GRW. I'm betting Mark dips his fishing pole into the river. There's a marina here with pontoon boats for rent. The river is about 100 yards wide here.

Mark went for a hike while I was crafting and spotted a big black old dog hanging about the dumpsters. Tomorrow we will ask the office about him or her. 

Tonight's dinner and entertainment was fun. It was "celebrity match" with contestants picked by raffle ticket. (Mark and I sold the 50/50 tickets and collected $500 ... half goes toward the veterans.) We sat with friends Karen and George from Titusville and George was picked as a contestant along with Vickie who we sat with last night. Back home with the doggies we watched TV and kept an eye on the "neighbors" big bonfire! 

Tomorrow we're going for breakfast in town and to find diesel fuel. 

Sue and Wayne are enjoying their Mediterranean cruise while RanDawn are in Daytona Beach. Fun times all around. 

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