Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Good morning! (Actually, I needed 2 Advil to feel the "good".) Mark was fine as were Randy and Dawn; well that's what they said. 😜

Today is Sue and Wayne's 43rd wedding anniversary. We all remember the day they got married as -30°F. Sue's flowers had to be wrapped in plastic until she was inside the church! (When it's that cold in Winnipeg, you can't shut your car off for a very long unless the block heater is plugged in. Up and down the street, cars were running.) Haha ... we are all so happy to be living in the Sunshine State. Happy anniversary you two and cheers to many more! ❤🍾. They are going to dinner tonight with friends to a small Italian "joint." The other couple doesn't know it's Sue and Wayne's anniversary, so I suggested they just order a nice bottle of champagne at the dinner. Sue's reply was "I'm pretty sure champagne isn't available at this hole in the wall." 😂. My reply was "that's the way our anniversaries used to be celebrated!" (None of us had much moola to spend on dinners out in the early days.) How nostalgic. Anyway, we had a good laugh.

Mark went to his appointment and then to the forest to pick up a fourth tree stand. What the heck, have he and Lew been making a treehouse in the woods?  

Yesterday, Mark began preparation for our seawall refacing. The Mexican petunias had gotten out of hand behind the shed. 

Crazy plants!

The beginning of the tidying up! Yikes. I wonder what's been living in that mess?

Tonight, is Yaya's at Carol C's house in Scottish Highlands. That means, we drivers must behave. (That's a good thing, as last night left me feeling a wee bit green this morning.) Carol enjoys hosting the first YaYa's in the new year. Tonight is the full moon, so she has designated it as "Howl at the moon!" 🌝 Oh boy. (Old people get 🙃) It's always a fun time.

A few of our YaYa's with handmade chocolate bark ... from left to right, back row Anita, Carol, Kate, Rose, Pat.  Front row Lynn, Carin and Meredith. (Haha Pat looks like she's up to mischief.) Actually there were 18 of us there tonight. 

We played Ellen DeGeneres' game ... Heads Up. It was hilarious fun; sort of charades on your phone. 

Mark spent the evening with Jim (Rose's) and Lew (Lynn's) watching golf. He took the guys some venison chili. 

Back home, the doggies were happy to see us! Now it's TV and relaxing time. Ta Ta. 

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