Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Good morning sunshine; we need your warmth ... it was 34°F when Mark left (5 AM) for Ocala forest on the last day of deer hunting. Lew was supposed to go too but it was too cold for him. Me? I stayed in bed until 730 and started a crackling fire when I got up. The house stayed at 67°F overnight.

Well, Mark looks cold. Ha ha. I'm sitting at home with a lovely fire 🔥a dog on my lap, and of course a diet Sunkist orange on ice. 😎

This afternoon, Mark sorted out and put away his hunting items. I am betting that Da Mounty weighs 500 pounds less! He and Lew have had a wonderful time stomping through the woods, enjoying nature and seeing wildlife, up close. Fortunately, they did not run into any Panthers, cougars nor aggressive bears this season. Actually, the most frightening thing, was a big brown snake that Mark was unable to identify. 

This afternoon, I did a little ironing of linens with an upcoming dinner party in mind. Then, I soaked in the hot tub and watched a couple of House of Cards. We had a great evening with a couple glasses of wine and some thick porkchops for dinner. As it was chilly all day, we had a fire on the go. Tomorrow, we will try and be more interesting. Ha ha

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