Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good morning! I'm up well before dawn with a fire going and two Scotties on my lap. Life is 😊. Mark's having a sleep in today! 

Well, after breakfast, Mark went to Home Depot for a few more bags of river rock for his seawall project. I decided to watch Fareed Zakaria on CNN and put another log on the fire. This cold front (62)  is supposed to last through tomorrow! 

Hallelujah! Mark found cherry tomato plants at Home Depot! He also bought sweet banana pepper plants. 👍🏻 So, Mark was busy planting a garden where my roses used to grow. Long story, but no more rose plants. 🙄

Last night was possibly the final evening for The Elks club in Pompano Beach. Due to changing dynamics and public attitudes, the club can't make a go of the huge property. Certainly Sue and Wayne have been good members and even hosted several social events there. It's sad for a good facility. 

We phoned Rod & Shay tonight and caught up on their goings on. Shay's mom is now living an assisted living apartment. It's been a difficult transition for all concerned. So, ShayRod have been readying her mom's condo for the market. As we know, memories are stirred up along with the dust and we hope all falls into place. 

So, to end a lovely quiet day at home, I thought you may enjoy this photo of a standardbred horse that was rescued ($200) by Rosemary Farm in the Catskills. This old gentleman, about 20 years and long in the tooth in horse years, was sent to auction destined for slaughter in Canada. More than luck was involved in getting him safely to RF. We wish him many happy retirement years ahead with the 60 other horses. ❤


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