Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Good morning! We're halfway (+) through the first month of 2017. How's it going? Did you make resolutions on the 1st? 

What a laugh we had in the middle of the night. I awoke to hear an owl ... Ha ha it was Mark hooting like an owl. I poked him and said "what are you doing?" Of course he didn't know what I was talking about. If I hadn't seen him doing it, I wouldn't have believed it. It's a case of the twilight zone around here lately. We had an electric candle light itself on the coffee table 2 nights ago while watching TV. It works by remote control, and the remote was sitting right beside it. Oh boy. 👻 

At 9:45 Mark headed for his appointment in The Villages. Today is his 25th treatment ... a little more than halfway through. As we've said before, the worst part is the drive there and back. He's found a back route with a couple of variations to keep it interesting. 

Me? Well, I unpacked the new Christmas tree and began assembling and fluffing. It's really full and lush! 
Next ... wait for the ribbon that's on order before decorating. 🎅🏼

Mark was (allegedly) working on the seawall when I checked on him.  🎣 
😎 Haha. (I'm glad to see him fishing, actually!) 

Tonight, Mark cooked chicken wings on the barbecue while we played ring toss and drank wine. Wow, they turned out really good! Dawn phoned to say that she's is cooking dinner tomorrow while Randy is golfing. So, we're invited to dinner! Nice. 🍴

It's mani-pedi time for the Scotties tonight ... they're invited to RanDawn's tomorrow too! ❤

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