Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good morning from sunny, but chilly, Central Florida where it is 45°F. Well, that's outside temperature but inside it's lovely and cozy with logs burning merrily in our fireplace! 

Happy Chinese New Year ... Year of the Rooster 🐔 

So we are nearing the end of the first month of our new year. Did you make resolutions? Are you on target? I never make any, so I never feel burdened by "inadequacy." 😎 Awesome, eh? 😂

And, on another note, there are plenty of revolutions ongoing in America this month. DJT has brought out the pink-hatted warriors ... the abortion abolishers ... Lady Liberty weeping for would be immigrants (well, no worries for the 3 countries responsible for 911 terrorists) from 7 OTHER "Muslim" countries. Why are 3 countries excluded? Well, my guess is DJT has business ties in those 3 countries! As if thatisn't despicable enough, DJT is making an easier path for Christians to leave these newly restricted countries! Now these are, at this point, only Executive Orders that need to be ratified by Congress but WTF? 😡

So we may have more worries for planet earth than DJT. NASA identified 2016 WF9 discovered just three weeks ago which is a testament to the vulnerability of our blue planet 🌎 to other unseen astroids. Although the space agency says the object doesn't pose any danger to us, there is another astronomer insisting that NASA is lying to the world. Time will tell. Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich contends that the object is actually a piece of the infamous planet X and that its impact on earth could cause a massive tsunami (if it hits the water) or the complete destruction of a city if it strikes a populated area. (There isn't much time to worry, though, as it is supposed to "pass us" between February 16 and 25th.) So don't worry, be happy. 😁

I began my day with Ancient Aliens 👽 ... and for those interested, Google "Moon Dust" and "Blue Fly" ... Sgt. Clifford Stone's knowledge and ability to uncover these covert operations is credible. Cool. By 1947 the USA knew of 54 "varieties" of ETs. Google it ... fascinating stuff. 

Tonight we're going to "Cool Sax" with Alan Darcy at 1884 with Lynn, Lew, Pat and Ken ... Dinner, Dancing and Shenanigans guaranteed. 🥂
What a fun night! 😍

Ken modeled Lynn's gorgeous scarf! 😜

Lew 'n Lynn ... 

Ken, Pat and me. 😛

We were home by 10 o'clock and snuggling with the kids. 

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