Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Well, I'm not going to say good morning because today is the inauguration of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump and I'm not feeling the love. 👹 I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that he proves to be a decent president.

Well, last night was loads of fun and today is loads of laundry and ironing. Ha ha. Everyone was impressed with the tablesetting and Mark's cooking was great. (I did peel the potatoes, made the gravy, put the french fries in the oven and heated the buns.) What a big help, eh? Now you might be wondering why I would mention that, but I have several friends who say I don't do anything in the kitchen. WRONG! 😂 (Just in case you didn't get the humor, that was a Trumpism "WRONG!")

Our friend Nancy is on her way to Washington for the March! Yay!!! (Her sign ... I HAVE A BRANDING IRON WITH 666 ON IT FOR YOU MR. TRUMP)

Aunt Jane's daughter-in-law posted this one! Yikes, he's not even popular with his supporters. 

Mark just left for his appointment, and I am doing the laundry and ironing. It's going to be a little cooler today with only 75° as a high. If he is in the mood, he says he is going to work on the seawall project. Me? I am going to avoid watching the inauguration and have a date with Ancient Aliens 👽! The ratings will show that our TV is on, but that we are not watching the inauguration. Yes, it's weak, but that's our protest for today. 


We asked Lew's tree trimmer to check our big Sycamore and Sweet Gum trees for strength and safety during high winds. His opinion is that they are fine! Great, that's a good saving of 💵. 

We took the Scotties for a ride to drop off a kitchen table that Mark had restored to our local humane society store. The volunteers were thrilled and put it out front to display immediately. We hope they will make a few dollars toward feeding the animals at their no kill shelter. When we got home Beez grabbed the rawhide and we laughed. 

BeeZee with "a cigar." 😂

We're looking forward to having Pam (and Donny) arrive on February 11. (I'm thinking a small PARTAY here for V Day?) 😎💕

Well, it's TV time here now. All the hoopla about Trump is over! Apparently, Mark says the rioting has begun. Oh no! It's time to watch House of Cards, for real. 
Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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