Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Haha! Good morning! We BOTH slept well last night and began our day watching ABC's GMA. Can you believe it? DJT is still arguing about losing the popular vote to HRT because "illegals" voted. You friggin' eegit, get on with life. Don't you have more to do? Egad. Trump is thin-skinned!

Mark had another tree stand to retrieve from the forest!  Ha! It must have been a regular man cave! (I can hear Randy saying "glitter palace!")  😂 

We've discovered Robbie's itchy-bitchy problem! He has little rash bumps along his lip line. We're onto it now with Hibiclens and keeping the area dry. He's much happier already. Poor guy. Mz Bee was most helpful ... happy-snapping at his face. 🐾

Sorry for the short note today ... it's been a busy odds 'n sods day since I was out shopping and getting a pedi earlier. More tomorrow. 👋

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