Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Good morning. Well, that was a crazy weather warning night. Our bedside weather alarm went off no less than six times during the night for a line of thunderstorms moving at 50 miles an hour. We had torrential rain and lots of lightning, but it appears this morning, no damage. 

So, today's adventure is hanging new mini lights around the dining room's ceiling perimeter followed by decorative grape vines. I like the ambient light produced this way. It may sound simple but there's 4 packs of 22' lights to install before the vines are added. I may have to recruit Mark's help on the ladder. 

It was a perfect day for a drive to Winter Garden to pick up our restaurant card from Giant Recreation World. Tim Owens met us and we chatted for awhile. We mentioned we were interested in seeing a Chapparral and behold, there was one in the showroom. (Fortunately, it was not the model I was looking for, but was very nice!) The restaurant card we were gifted is $100 at Macaroni Grille. We took the 561 home through Clairmont and enjoyed all the hills and lakes along the way. The Lakeridge Winery was featuring a singer in the wine and cheese bar. We stopped in and while Mark walked the dogs, I went upstairs to see what was going on. The place was crowded; a good singer and several people dancing. Nice! It's going on every Saturday in January. 

When we arrived home, Dawn phoned to say they were at Gator Harley and would drop over. Great! Mark lit the fire .. I made snacks and poured the wine ... and a gab-fest began. It was tons of fun talking about newspaper delivery days and babysitting. There were many stories that Dawn had not heard before. LOL 😳

Here's our great roaring fire with the remains of our crepe myrtle tree ... but all in 1 piece? 😂  Oh boy. It's going to be very cold here tonight! Mark covered our angel's trumpet with a sheet as it's still recovering from April's boathouse fire. 

Stay warm. 

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