Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Good morning. We had some rain in the night but it was beautiful and clear when we opened the front door at 8 this morning. Mark left for his appointment in TheVillages and I headed to Peddler's Wagon with return.  Well, Mark's morning went fine ... but Peddler's was still closed (until tomorrow.) Ha ha. Who knew? I should have googled their website before I left. My bad. 

Mark has decided to plant some tomatoes and peppers where my rosebushes used to be. He's having a terrible time finding any tomato plants in our area. We have friends who grow them and a very successful, but where do they get their plants? Neither Home Depot nor Lowes has any stock! 

Ready ... set ... hmmm, where's the tomato 🍅 plant?

Our buddy Lew had a cherry 🍒 tomato plant that fed the neighborhood a couple of years! 

I saw the eye doctor today because of pain in my right eye twice last week. Luckily, it's just "dry eye" likely caused by taking Claritin year 'round. Otherwise, I have healthy eyes and don't need glasses to drive nor to read! Sweet. 

Dawn and Randy are coming Friday morning to make the trip to the Villages with Mark. Afterwards, we're planning lunch at Stavros. Tomorrow, I'm going to start taking down some foofaraw (food for rot) 😂 in the dining room to clean and hand new mood lights. 

After all our running around was done, Mark went to the grocery store and picked up mushrooms, steak and coleslaw (by me) for tonight's dinner. We ate in the dining room and had a big glass of wine. Ha ha. Yummy. 

That was our day. I hope yours was good too. 

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