Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Good morning world, it's a brand new day! Now yesterday was plenty of fun for me playing cards with my gal pals in the neighborhood. 

Did I mention last week that Randy bought a new set of custom golf clubs? Well, he went golfing yesterday with friends Dan and Dennis and Dan's son. Apparently, this is going to be a weekly adventure. Good for him! From my standpoint, he gets to ride around in a golf cart, which I like. Ha ha

Mark has gone to his appointment in The Villages, then grocery shopping then plans to putter outside this afternoon. That's great. The doggies will enjoy being on the back patio with him. (It's 70°F with a high today of 74°F) 

Me? I have eBay listings photography to add new items plus general household fun. Ha ha. I am still waiting for my new grapevines to hang in the dining room ceiling perimeter. Apparently, they are on a slow boat from China. (Really!) Well, what do you expect from free shipping?  

This evening, we are going to downtown Eustis with Pat, Ken and Nancy for dinner at Tillie's. It's right next to Peddler's Wagon so shopping could happen. 😄(Randy phoned and they'll be meeting us at Tillie's! Extra fun is assured!)

Mark saw that granddaughter Hailey has a Facebook page! She looks so cute ... Halloween costume perhaps?

Well, dinner was good ... all fresh and chef prepared! Afterward, everyone came over for drinkies and shenanigans. 🍀 Everyone, except Randy and Dawn, had doggies at home waiting for them. Tomorrow, RanDawn are heading to Cedar Key on the bike for the weekend. 

Partay time! The finalists from the evening. Haha. 

So, it was a fun evening for dinner and more fun followed at our bar. Tata till tomorrow. 

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