Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017

Good morning! It's a cool 64F at sunrise. Mz Bee and I caught up on our snuggle time while I read TIME magazine. 

After breakfast and wrapping more eBay parcels I got into my dining room project. It really should be a simple task. It when the results don't measure up to your own expectations, well you just start over. The grapevines arrived from China and they are dreadfully skimpy. I hung them two days ago and took them down today. NEXT! 😂 So, I decided on an iridescent 10" wide border mesh that will be pinch-pleated in precise places around the room's perimeter. After an hour of measuring and charting my plan I got the big step ladder ready for screwing in the eye hooks. 

Meanwhile, Mark went to his appointment in The Villages, the post office and grocery shopping! 

Speaking of The Villages a school shooting at their charter school was thwarted today! Two teens are in custody. What the hell is wrong with kids now?

So, we thought we were going out to dinner tonight to see Alan Darcy play "Cool Sax" at 1884 in downtown Eustis. 
Originally, we knew it was Saturday night but somehow Lynn insisted it was Friday night. Just before we were ready to leave, she noticed a post that Alan was playing in Sanford tonight! So, everyone's home cooking dinner tonight and we're going out tomorrow night. Crazy koo-koo eh?

So, we lit a fire and Mark put a meatloaf in the oven! Robbie and Bee are happy to have us home tonight. 
Where's Waldo? 

So, that was our day. We hope your Friday was more exciting! Ha ha. ❤

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