Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It was coolish first thing this morning! Mark hooked up our dually to the 5th wheel and I watched the side of our house as he pulled it out. I'm so glad we always put it away spotless! 

Randy phoned and then stopped in for coffe and a menu review with Mark. Of course I was "picked on" for not immediately knowing where the power button was on the Keurig. Haha. That's okay ... I'm happy to initiate the weekend's bromance! 

An old "Vintage Winnipeg" photo appeared on my Facebook page ... and even stranger than that ... my Dad, Archie Tawns is on the deck. This pic was taken June 1965 when Ray Senft was building it in the Selkirk slough! 
If you knew Archie Tawns, you knew his stance! 

The Paddlewheel Queen plied the Red River between Carling Brewery and the Royal Manitoba Yacht Club (north of the perimeter) for nearly 50 years! 

At its heyday, the Paddlewheel Queen took 800,00 folks a summer for cruises! 


Strangely enough, America's 9/11 destroyed Winnipeg's tourist market from the United States by requiring passports to cross the Canada/USA border. 

Today, a sad end for the Queen. She sits rusting in Selkirk slough where she was born. Did 9/11 single handed cause the demise of the Red River's fleet of tourist cruises? Well, heavier summer rains and higher water level on the mighty Red caused her owner to modify her crown 👑 by removing it. Perhaps she just lost her stature. 


That our dear Paddlewheel Queen on the right, run up on the bank of Selkirk slough. Sad. Thousands had their graduation parties ... birthdays ... weddings and memories wrapped up with her. 

Me? I'd watch her turn just north of the RMYC docks ... and marvel at the crowd onboard. Ah, the good ole days. 

The Royal Manitoba Yacht Club as seen from the middle of the Red River ... thankfully, IT STILL EXISTS! 👍🏻

Well, I could ramble on, but it's TV time and wine:30. 🤗

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