Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good morning! Finally yesterday's Blog posted so we can begin anew! It seems we all slept in til 9:30 or so. There was a brief rain shower before the sun came out to dry everything off. Mark and Randy cooked a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. I discovered a tragedy. I had forgotten to pack my diet Sunkist orange! OMG! After breakfast, Mark and I went in the golf cart to the trading post, but alas, no DSO! I must settle with Diet Coke and diet Sprite. Well, that's better than no soda! Randy and Dawn headed to the showers together while I began to write this blog. Our Giant Recreation World friends are meeting at the outpost pavilion for lunch. Although we have just finished cleaning up from breakfast, we will take a ride down there on the golf cart to say hi to everyone. 

What a fantastic campground Fort Wilderness is! It's the first time I've seen a street sweeper go through a campground. LOL. The winding trails are perfect for golf cart adventures, or those with bicycles. 

These for photos were taken last night at the Wilderness Lodge.  

The Pellegrino water was a crazy story. We were in The Territories bar before dinner. Mark and I ordered Scotch and I wanted sparkling water on the side. Of course, I expected a small glass of soda water. What I got was a giant bottle of Pellegrino. Well, we were all laughing and guessing with the price of that would be! It turned out to be not too bad at eight dollars! 😂 

Now it's noon, RanDawn are back and ready to go for lunch. Away we go! 

Lunch was a terrific salad, plus potato salad, hamburgers, hotdogs, condiments and french fries. We were all good and had salads, meat and no carbs! Wow! 

Back at the campsite, Randy and Dawn took a ride on the golf cart to look for bicycle rentals while Mark prepared tonight's pork chops while I played a game of free cell solitaire. 

As you can see, Ms. Bee 🐝 has the best seat in the house. Tonight, we will take the doggies on the golf cart Halloween parade. 

We handed out candy to some cute costumed kids! It was fun. 

Well, the dogs did not get to go on the golf cart as, it was an adult party only. LOL 
We had a fun time! Someone made Apple Pie drinks! They were deliciously boozy. Afterwards, Dawn made a salad while Mark BBQ'd pork chops ... and Randy made tuna steaks. Yum yum. 

We watched, "The Long Long Trailer" ... and had many laughs. 

That's it. We're pooped. 

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