Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Good morning. It's a beautiful 72° this morning. Two squirrels were gathering acorns from our oak tree by dropping them on to our boathouse roof. Belize was very entertained by them. Robbie, however, was still in bed sound asleep. LOL

It looks like we have hurricane Matthew threatening Jamaica and Haiti as a Cat 4! According to the weather Channel, it will go to the east of Florida.

We met Dawn and Randy at Mary's for breakfast. Eventually, we had Brandon & Mary arrive with the wee birthday boy; then Brittany with Makenna and Charlotte. 

Brandon, Brandon Jr. & Mary 

Dawn and Randy with Makenna. 

Brandon Jr. showing off his walking skill. Charlotte and Makenna were coloring. 

What a happy birthday boy!

Breakfast was great ... a good time was had by all. 

Randy's favorite phrase of the last 20 years is "old people get goofy."  Well, in keeping with that idea we have two stories, one was RANDY!

Randy went to pick up Dawn after work but was early. Dawn noticed he was wearing a new T-shirt she bought him some time ago. She also noted that it was riding high at the front neckline. Well, when he left her office, she noticed his back tattoo was visible!  Being busy, she forgot about it. On the bike ride home, Randy noticed something itchy ... yep, the tag!!! Of course, he said nothing to Dawn. At bedtime, Dawn remembered the vision of Randy's back tattoo and burst out laughing! Randy's new shirt  had the same design front and back and he had it on backwards! LOL. He said he had fit in quite well with the other Walmart shoppers!

Lynn & Lew spent the week in Biloxi, Mississippi on business; at least Lynn was on business. Haha. When they arrived home last night after a 10 hour drive, they discovered the suitcase with all of their computers, 2 laptops and an iPad was missing! OMG

Lynn raced to her home based desktop and pinged her iPad ... and "found it" at the hotel lobby in Biloxi. Several minutes later she discovered some good person had taken the entire suitcase to the front desk for lost and found! I'm not sure how they will retrieve it, but imagine their relief! It might have been stolen or "blown up" as abandoned luggage! Yes Randy ... "old people DO get goofy!"

Well ... that's it for today! 👍🏻

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