Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good morning 🌞 

There's plenty of weather to discuss ... but nothing to affect us in Central Florida at this time.

There's plenty of political crap to discuss ... there's always ... Trumped up trickle-down economics.

Er, Trump did not prepare his own tax returns! Accountants did. That hardly makes him a genius. Think about it ... Trump couldn't prepare a 12,000 page return. Hell Trump doesn't have the patience to do a 1040-A form.

On a different, potentially scary thing is this paw print Mark found in the Ocala 🌳 ...

This is a large "cat" track, possibly from a panther. Note the retracted claws,  indicating it is not a bear.

We decided to take ourselves to Gators Dockside for a Cobb salad today. They are big & delicious. Then, Mark and I are going bowling. 

Cobb salads and grilled wings!

And a turkey! WOWSA. LOL. Mark got a turkey too ... but I messed up his picture. 😒

Not bad scores!

Afterward, we went home for the doggies ... and visited uncle Randy for happy hour. 

Here's how RanDawn's shower stall is coming along ... before running out of rock! 

Mz BeeZee checked it out. Haha. 

Back home, dinner done, its TV time. The vice presidential debate is on tonight. Ta Ta. 

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