Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Good morning. At the moment, 5:30 AM, it is calm between the rain bands. 
Since we still have power, I am watching Ancient Aliens along with the doggies! Mark is sleeping soundly. 

Mark was up by 8:30 ... I already had taken the dogs out. We have a lot of small tree debris in our front yard from the sycamore tree. The huge sweet gum tree needs another trim ... so maybe we'll get both topped this winter. 

Diane and Kris had to rush back to their Georgia Boys Fishcamp as water was rising fast on the St. John's river. 


The posts on the right is the dock by the launch ramp ... and on the left, the roof for the huge boathouse! As of 5 o'clock, the storm's eye is off St. Augustine, Florida. 

Flagler Beach, a favorite of ours has damage to A1A, the oceanfront road. 

A1A Flagler Beach 🌊 


There's plenty of work to be done in Florida before snowbird season! 

Sue and Wayne went to dinner tonight with Bill and Kelly,  Wayne's business partner. I guess things are pretty much back to normal in Broward County now. That's great. By tomorrow, we should be relatively back to normal in Lake County. Unfortunately, the coastal areas will be longer getting repaired. 

Randy and Dawn came through the hurricane unscathed. I am certain they have some tree branches to clean up and leaves about like Mark and I do. But that is nothing compared to the devastation along Florida coastline. Nonetheless, Mark and I will both sleep well tonight. (Well, let's be honest, Mark slept just fine last night.) LOL. I guess you need just one watcher during the night! ME!

After happy hour, Mark and I put the bar and barstools in the back patio and picked up tree branches on the front lawn. Tomorrow, we will be back to normal and ready for life to carry-on as before. 

Thank you for all your concern and well wishes. They are much appreciated. Tata till tomorrow. 

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