Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good morning cloudiness! What? Say it isn't so! Where's our Florida sunshine?

Mark was up early with the Scotties while I finally caught some 💤. I'd been tossing and dreaming about our upcoming RV trip! Yes, just like when I was a kid! Finally, about 9:30 I awoke groggy but ready for bacon 'n eggs. After breakfast and chores, Mark went to the Home Depot for a bag of softener salt while I got ready for game day at Sandra's. 

Of course game day was crazy fun. We played Scattergories and then another fun game where you wrote down your answer to a question, anonymously, and the others had to guess who said it. It sounds dumb, but put nine women together and it's outrageous fun. Now, back home, it's time to bake some low carb cookies for our weekend away.

The cookies 🍪 are great! I would reduce the sweetener next batch, but very good. They hit the spot! I'll post the recipe for those interested. 


We shall see if RanDawn like them (this weekend.)

I spent a bit of time making dinner reservations at Disney for the weekend. Friday night ... Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge ... Sunday night at Hoopdeedo Musical Revue. Who knew that things book up so quickly there! Saturday is the golf cart Halloween parade so we'll BBQ at our campsite. Fun stuff. 

That's it. Now it's total snuggle-buggle time with our kids. Ta Ta. 

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