Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good morning! 🌞 It's a bright, beautiful day here in Central Florida ... perfect for post-hurricane clean-up! 

Mark tackled the Sycamore tree's droppings and raked the Spanish moss into a pile for landscape pickup on Monday morning. We're fortunate, as I've been told, to have a weekly pickup! Lake County is a great place to live. 

While Mark was outside, I emptied the (emergency water supply) coolers, put flashlights and candles away and cleaned house. 

Last night, Diane and Kris were in a panic as water rose at Georgia Boys Fishcamp in Palatka. Fortunately, all the buildings remained dry! The dock had a tree fall on it so repairs and cleanup are underway! The fishing continues! Yay!

These pics were taken during Hurricane Matthew at Georgia Boys ...
 Fortunately, the rising water 💦 stopped before it got to any buildings! 

Top pic is during the 'cane ... and below taken this morning! All's well ... the water receded quickly after Matthew passed Jacksonville. Whew!  The bait shop is open and gas ⛽️ working! Go fish!

Sue and Wayne have obviously caught up after Matthew gave Broward County a glancing blow. They've gone dancing tonight!

Randy popped by for a visit and wine ... then Lew came in too! We had an interesting "political" talk which wound up with Lew mad at Jane Fonda. More wine was needed. LOL. We attempted a discussion about Trump's 2005 "open 🎤 " but we got more Hanoi Jane talk, so that subject was left alone. 

Our ballots arrived in today's mail so Mark and I voted, signed and will mail them tomorrow! Done. Signed and sealed. 

Our doggies enjoyed their day with the patio bar back in place and the big tiki umbrella opened. Tonight, they are working on the tumble toy that dispenses food. 

I think that's it for today! Tata til tomorrow!

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