Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wed. October 5, 2016

Good morning. It's a beautiful start to our day with sunshine and 72°F. Mark left for archery hunting in the forest at 6 o'clock. I wasn't able to go back to sleep, thinking about Panthers and cougars and such. LOL. He did send me a text that he made it to his deer hunting stand OK. As he said, before leaving, the big cats are likely more afraid of me than I am of them.

We have a large hurricane nearing the Bahama Islands today. Tomorrow, it could begin affecting Florida's coast line. We are mostly prepared in our central Florida neighborhood. Twice a year, we have our trees trimmed so there are no dead branches or overgrown ones that could hit the power line. Other than fueling up the vehicles, which is already done, I think we just need to buy some fuel for our generator, just in case. We have been through three major hurricanes in our central Florida house, and it really wasn't much in this area. We are 60 miles from either coast and that gives us quite a buffer zone from the ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west. We are more concerned about Sue and Wayne who will be staying in their home in Pompano Beach. Also, Wayne has many boats moved up the New River for safety.
Did you watch the vice presidential debate last night? After watching, I wondered if Senator Mike Pence knew who his running mate was? LOL. His diversion tactics looked weak. Answer the questions already and move on. Tim Kaine tried his best to get in every shot at his opposition's candidate. Bazinga! Right on target! But, Mike Pence denied, time and again, that Trump ever said that. I guess, it was about what I expected.

Here at home, it was bath day for Robbie the Bruce. He had been itchy for a day or two and no amount of flea combing nor itch spray would help. Sometimes, just a warm bath in the kitchen sink is all a guy needs. LOL.

He looks so small sitting here. Who could believe he is 26 pounds! 

Just home from fueling up and getting hurricane necessities ... wine boxes and DSO . Winn Dixie was out of bottled water and ice so I came home and filtered 3 days worth for the Scotties.

Mark came home from fueling Da Mounty and filling jerry cans for our generator; just in case the power goes out. Our backup plan to our first backup plan is to move into the RV where everything can run on propane. 

Randy and Dawn stopped in for a glass of wine before attending a celebration of life for a friend of theirs. We had a huge laugh when watching the weather channel and we saw Folly Beach evacuating from South Carolina's Lowcountry.

Well we had such a laugh as Randy & Dawn have plans to marry on Folly Island next month. We hope all goes well and Hurricane Matthew blows past without much trouble; but you never know! 

Well, that was our day. Stay safe. More tomorrow !

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