Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Good morning! We're off to the laundromat (again) with high hopes of getting "a machine!"  This city is ripe for a new laundromat! Sue and I suggested it to the mall owners 3 years ago ... 

Bwahahaha ... NOT happening! 

We've decided tonight we will go to 901 Westside in Keewatin for dinner with Sue and Wayne! 


Well, tonight's dinner was very good and we had some fun watching a "Toban" parking. Haha ... then the driver saw me through the restaurant window, laughing. Oh boy; making more friends. Afterwards, we parked ourselves in Sue and Wayne's porch and enjoyed more wine and conversation. It was a really fun night! I think we solved a few world problems. 😱

Our pals, Rod and Shay, bought a home in Lake Placid  Florida! They close August 21. We'll have fun helping them get settled!

We had a lot of laughs tonight as all of us have heard Wayne say, at one time or another, that we should have Christmas at the cottage. Well, it always sounds fun but tonight, Mark noted that Wayne was wearing a flannel shirt and pants, and ran into the house to get warm when it was 65°F ... hohoho 🎄 

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