Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Good morning. Mark and I were up early expecting Kyle and Gavin at the door at any moment. At 8:45, Mark went to uncover the Crestliner and prepare for fishing. There was no sign of the boys as they had, apparently, slept in after their major sugar buzz last night. LOL 😂 Around 920 they came down the steps and headed out fishing with Mark. 

I had banking and bill paying to do which took a couple of hours. Gavin filled our birdseed container before he left for fishing so I filled everybody's treats around Chippy's Hollow. Two chipmunks had their cheeks puffed out ... one feeding at the concrete blocks Mark set up and the other at his lodge. Ha ha. They are certainly unafraid of people! 

You've heard of beaver pelt hats? Well, how about a beaver wearing a squirrel hat. LOL ... this little red squirrel was so full of seed that he rested on top of the welcome sign. Cute! 

Gavin and Kyle on the Crestliner with Mark. 

The fellows arrived home at 11:30 with two Pickerel (for lunch?) 

Lucky boys! Kyle and Gavin spent last weekend on a cousin's houseboat! 

At 1 o'clock Sue and I went shopping, the bank, liquor commission, Canadian Tire and Safeway. Whew! 

Tonight, we went to Boston Pizza for their "Pasta Tuesday" night. Mark and I shared a deluxe pizza, and it was delicious. Wayne and Gavin had the Smoky Mountain spaghetti ... Sue and Kyle had custom dishes.  Everyone was full and happy when we left the restaurant.  

Home, it's relaxing with the doggies! We phoned RanDawn and yakked for 10 minutes. They've been busy shopping with granddaughter Makenna for school uniforms. (This involved 3 malls ... it's not easy to find the right shade of white.) Haha. This weekend will be granddaughter Charlotte's fourth birthday, so they will be very busy with her. 💕

That's the news for right now. Tata till tomorrow. 

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