Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Good morning. I was up early enough to catch this beautiful sunrise from Chippy's Hollow deck. 

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning. 

Gorgeous eh?

Wayne, Kyle, Gavin and Mark left in the Ranger about 915 for a morning's fishing. Sue and I had our own idea for morning fun. Retail therapy! $$$

This evening, it is Marks and my turn to cook for the gang! We have a pork loin prepared, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, gravy and a green salad. Ah, yes, and maple crumb apple pie for dessert. 

We all arrived back at the cottages about the same time. Shopping was good, much better than fishing. Ha ha. I guess red sky in morning fishermen take warning.

Congratulations are in order to my cousin Elliot Tawns of Perth, Australia. You see, Elliot placed 2nd in the WORLDWIDE ACA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

WOWSA! Well done Elliot! 

This afternoon, we played corn hole with Gavin and Kyle. Mark and I were the champs! Haha. However, Mark seems to have twisted his back while we were playing. 😱 Wayne had a medication with a muscle relaxer or so we hope that that will make a difference! 

After dinner we played crazy eight countdown ... Wayne won! It was a fun evening. Tomorrow, Les and Lynne are popping in for lunch on their way to the boat at Northern Harbor. More fun. 😜

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